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Monday, 17 March 2014

No stress

Yesterday i wrote about blog frenzy and how its easy to get stressed about it.
Today i have been playing about with my blog trying to make it look better and adding a couple more things. It took me far too long and i should have been felting. I wanted to give it a go just to know a bit more. Now its out of my system.. For a while anyway.
From now on i am going to approach my blog the same way i have my felting.
One day at a time!
Let me explain and at the same time in keeping with the felting theme.
When i first found needle felting it was like i had found the craft i'd been looking for all my life. It was only by chance i spotted it on Pinterest and after buying some wool and needles i was hooked.
My first few attempts were somewhat terrible but its all about practising and trying and eventually i did get better.
I was only ever thinking of it being a hobby but after my neighbour saw some of my work, she (not me) booked me a craft fair at the local nursary school. It was a huge success and it not only encouraged me to start my facebook page but also made me think i could make something of this.

I wrote down loads of things i could do, from getting orders to making tutorials and teaching workshops but i promised myself i would do it one step at a time one day at a time.
And that is what i am doing.
I now have plenty of orders to keep me going slowly and steadily without panicking to complete them on time. I have more craft fairs and workshops under my belt with more booked with decent gaps inbetween them, to allow me to prepare for them in good time.
Each week my facebook page is getting more and more likes as 'word' is getting round without using 'likeme' pages.
I still have loads to ideas wrote down (one of them was a blog) and im sure i will get round to more of them all in good time.
After all its not a race i have plenty of time and hopefully by the time i hit (early) retirement  i will have a small business that will earn me what i need to get by.
So as for a blogging frenzy.....
I'm not stressing about it anymore it will improve in its own time.

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