Custom Felts

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Not mine but I liked it

I found this poem today and wanted to share it.

I sit here in my quiet space
Putting aside the day I’ve faced
Eagerly pulling my basket out
This is MY moment without a doubt.
So soft, the fiber between my fingers
I only wish this time could linger
For so many ideas run through my mind
If only I could find a little more time!
In and out the needle goes
What shape is next? Maybe toes?
Maybe eyelashes, or a tiny pout….
Alas, evening turns night…time has run out!
Yet tomorrow is another day,
I’ll do my work and then I’ll play!
I’ll sit there in my quiet space
and felt away the day I faced.

It sums today up well.
Lisa x

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bye bye Alice and friends

In January when i was asked to make these Alice in wonderland characters, I had no idea how much pleasure making them would give me.
With each one needing different techniques, some of them that were new to me, some that weren't, each piece involved moving up and down my learning curve.
I got to the point with two of the characters, I very nearly contacted my client to admit defeat. I just couldn't get them 'right' in my eyes. 
Putting them down and walking away for a day or so did the trick though and after ripping off a faces a few times, I can say that i am very proud of all of them.
Today it was time to give them a final check then wrap them up ready to go to their new home in Austrialia. 
I can't thank you my client enough for giving me this opportunity to make these. I have enjoyed them so much, I really dont want to let them go. 

All checked, ready for wrapping.

Lisa x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Artisan market. The results!

As posted yesterday, today was spent at my first Artisan market.
I have done a few craft fairs before but this was different. The room was bright and warm and central heated, they had 'runners' to bring you food and drinks and the company from the other traders was wonderful.
Over 200 people visited and I had a good few sales, lots of interest and some good potential business growing opportunities!
One of the things I was selling was my needle felting start kits. I have teddies, bunnies, ladybirds, flowers, owls amd hedgehogs. 
A little boy came to the stall with his mum, a lovely very chatty liitle boy called William. He was only 6 but chatted like a 12 year old. He took a liking to Rodney ( see meet Rodney blog) and begged his mum to buy him. I had to tell him Rodney was my friend and I would be lonely without him. He bought a little teddy instead and then spotted the hedgehog kit. 'Pleeeeeaaase can we make a hedgehog mum' he said. And they bought one.
Later on his evening I got this photo posted on my feltsforever facebook page.
It was William and his new friend hedgehog! 
I was so pleased they had posted it and to recieve such good comments about my kits and how much they enjoyed making him. 
Isn't he such a cutie!  Thank you William! 
Lisa x

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Artisan Market

Today was spent preparing for my first Artisan Market.
I am not sure what to expect but if you don't try you don't find out.
I havent many makes to sell but I am going to concentrate on selling the tutorials and starter kits i have recently been making.
I will let you know how i get on.....
Lisa x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Making steps

I came across a photo today of the first craft show I did.
On the first look I smiled and thought 'yes it didn't look too bad' then as I looked closer, I looked at the work on display and I thought, 'wow I have sold all of those now and wow look how far I have come'
It's hard to put your own work on show for others to see and I was amazed at the great comments I had after the fair. but looking back at that work, has made me realise how much I have improved which is good for me to know.
So another small step in the right direction. I wonder what I will think of todays work, next year?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I was preparing for an Artisan market I am attending this weekend and trying to have a tidy up of my 'fluff' as my other half calls it. When i came across this...
Yes you can laugh!
This was my very first attempt at needle felting, the day I got my wool and needles.
I think I have come along way since then.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Womens Institute bunny

Last year i had the pleasure of being invited to a local Womens Instiute to show tell them all about needle felting and to show them how to make a christmas bauble.
36 lovely ladies came and made me very welcome and we spent two hours felting away creating the their own decorations. 
Later I got some really good feedback from them and recently was asked to go again to show them something a bit more challenging. This session was only meant to last for an hour and a half but they enjoyed it so much it lasted for three hours! And during that time we drink tea, ate cake and felted furiously!  
I got some lovely feedback again and today one of the ladies who didnt have time to stay and finish her bunny off. Send me this lovely photo to show me she had completed it and how happy she was with the demonstration I gave. 
Here is her bunny

And here is the one i made for them to recreate.
I think she did a really good job, dont you. 
I will post some more photos of the other bunnies soon
Lisa x

Friday, 4 April 2014

Caterpillar has his pipe!

I have been meaning to put a pipe with the caterpillar I did, for a while now and here it is!
I have nearly completed Alice, which means I have nearly completed this commission. I will be quite sad to see them all go I have grown attached to them. that's the thing with felting, you start off with a lump of 'fluff'' and after a few thousand stabs, it comes alive!
I have just been asked to make a twenty inch long Sloth, like the one that on the settee adverts at the moment. that will be fun!
watch this space
lisa xx