Custom Felts

Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas workshops

Its not too far off that time of year and never have I had  such fun in the run up to it, as I have doing the christmas workshops. Not only have I had fun but I've some wonderful people and showed them the joys of needlefelting.

Watching the creations come to life is so exciting, especially when it's someone who isn't particularly crafty and they can't believe they have made something so good.
Didn't they all do well!  

Thursday, 10 November 2016


I've always scoured the internet looking for inspiration for needle felting projects, usually pinterst.
But recently I joined Instagram, I love the fact that like Pinterest, it's so visual.
I came across a lovely instrammer called joyful gnomes.
They had some wonderful gnomes and one inparticular caught my eye.

I thought she would be lovely to felt, so I asked joyful gnomes if they minded if I felted her, they said they would be honoured.
A few weeks later I finished her. 

I posted her on instagram and joyful gnomes was so delighted they posted this picture.

I'm looking for more inspiration now! 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I think I have found it.

I have been needle felting for four years now. I have dabbled in all kinds of different ideas from christmas decorations, rabbits, frogs, dogs and characters. And although I have been happy with what I have made I have always had that niggle inside me that 'it could be better' or 'it wasn't just what I had in mind' not that half of my creations turn out like I expect them to, they just morph and I like it that way but something always niggled.
I always knew whatever I would end up making would be something fantasy, mythical or character based, thats what I'm drawn too but I needed to find 'it' you know that one thing that I can create, but replicate in different ways. 
Well last week I found it. Something clicked. I've done it. I feel like this is it. 
I have found my path and can see a way forward. 
Here is my first of what will be many.
Meet Erci

I just love him. Do you? 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

In time for Halloween

I have spent ages making this piece and developing her face and Im really rather pleased with her. She is needlefelted and wet felted. With a wire armature. 

Her broom is made from real twigs from my local woods.
She has fully posable head, arms, hands and fingers so you can position her in a variety of ways.

Her hair is blended merino and her cloak is wet felted using merino and Zawarble wool.

Complete with a spider on her lapel, a frog in her pocket and a black cat who sits permanetly on her cloak until her is ready to fly off that is.

She is ready to make a feature in your Halloween display. 
If you like her contact me on facebook/ 
Email me for details

Monday, 5 September 2016

Feeling hopeful

It's been a busy month and my small steps are quickening.
I have so many things in my head I want to do that I need another month in the year to complete them. My character workshop was so much fun with such lovely lovely ladies. They also gave me lots of ideas too. Maybe I need an extra two months a year! 

Heres what they managed to get through in a day. They now know how to make faces and hands!

Isn't it amazing that they all look different!
The wonders of felting eh? 

Monday, 29 August 2016

Feeling proud.

I like this little fella ( no name yet) not because I like his face, especially his eyes. But because I have used my first hand dyed wool using my first washed and carded fleece. 

Small steps 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Time flies

I can hardly believe how crazy this last month has been! After completing my July workshop, I was asked to do another in the Highlands of Scotland! I love this country, despite the 6 hour drive the views are worth it.
I had an incredible time and so did everyone! 

And we made some great Owls!

I am hoping to go back up nearer christmas time for a festive workshop.

Since I've been back I've been making sheep and snowman workshops and kits with more on the way!

Back to my makes and orders and planning my next workshop! 

Lots of small steps this month.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Making progress

I have been busy this last month and things are moving at a slightly faster pace! I am delighted tomsay I passed my speaker audition and already have a few bookings. After the sucess of my first independant workshop , I have another up in bonnie Scotland! And a possibly of one in a local shop! 

I have been practising making new things and old, doing new tutorials for kits and workshops and even managed to colour my own wool.

How about that in one month!

Here are some of the things Ive been getting up to.

Heres to the next month....

Saturday, 9 July 2016

What a hoot!

Although I have done a lot of needle felting workshops for the Womens Institute, I had never done one for myself. 
I had a few ladies ask me if I did them and the last lady made me go for it! Whats the worst that could happen? No one comes? 

I approached the local community centre and agreed to hire it on 7th July. I then had a mad panic!

What happens if no one comes. Oh dear it was a risk I was going to have to take....

I advertised it on facebook, creating an event and made a poster to advertise in the local shops, then crossed my fingers.

I didnt know how to get people to pay for the event beforehand ( please tell me if you do) so I had to hope for the best.  A few people put on Facebook that they were 'going' but were they? Really? 

What do I get them to make? Now that was a decision. I decided after much thought that owls were a good choice. 

So I set to making tutorials and samples and buying in different coloured wool. I did use my own carded core which gave me great satisfaction I must tell you. 

I started to get a few phone calls asking if they could book on and my nerves calmed slightly.

With everything made and the car loaded up, I went to set up still wondering if I would have anyone there.
With everything ready the first car pulled up, then another and another. I was so relieved I nearly cried.

I had 8 ladies all excited to start.
And how did it go?
Take a look 

They all loved it and want to book again for another one and I sold 4 of my kits! 

They have given me such good feedback and reviews on my facebook page 

That I haven't felt ( excuse the pun) so happy and fulfilled in a long time.

Will I do another?
Oh yes! 
I cant wait!
Please come! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

More small steps

I have a busy bee over these last few weeks and made quite a few small steps to hopefully being where I would like to be in time.
I am still waiting to hear from the Lancashire Federation Womens Institute to see if I have been successful with my audition. But keeping my fingers crossed....
To stop myself thinking about it, I have been.

I have been making kits to hopefully sell.
Making tutorials for my workshops.
Carding more wool.
Making items for a craft fayre I am doing this weekend. 
As well as my normal job!

Monday, 13 June 2016

A spot of recycling

I had some  fleece left that had far too many bits and some that had bright blue tips in to do anything with. So today I used them to line my hanging baskets! 
Will it work? Time will tell. I will let you know...

I alway set to washing a Jacob fleece today for a friend of mine.

Lovely colours! What a busy day!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Not the red and green I had hoped for....

Mmmmm this dyeing business isn't as easy as I thought it would be.
 Well with food colouring it isn't.
Off I went to Asda and came out with 5 colours and some white vinegar ( because you tube said so). Got home wool and colours at the ready.
I decided just to start with red and green, how lovely and bright they looked in the bowls, on my white sink in my white kitchen. I was a bit scared....
I followed the you tube video (do they still call them videos)  to the letter! 
But something went wrong. What? I don't know?

Not very red or green. But on the bright side I have a lovely candy floss looking pink, in places anyway and a white with a touch of sunshine as the paint tin would say..... 

Going to try 'proper' dyes next.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

More small steps....

Lots of catching up with things this weekend. 
Little owls made for tutorials, old projects revisited, new projects started, a dear little deer, new cards and labels ordered and lots more wool to card.
Some more small steps and happy days.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

What a triumph!

Dah dah!
My fleeces have been a triumph!
I am so pleased. I have carded a bit and look! It's amazingly easy to felt with too! 

I've even had a little try colouring it. This one was coloured using turmeric. Its a lovely shade of yellow ( but smells a bit spicy) still small steps are what I'm taking. I will get there in the end.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Trying something new. Washing fleeces!

I am trying really hard to take positive but small steps to make my felting journey a wider one. So when my friend told me she had some fleeces I could have, I jumped at the chance, not knowing what one earth to do with them.
Thankgoodness for you tube and wool/felting sites, I read and watched tutorials until they arrived.

Here they are 6 whitefaced woodland and 1black Zwartble. 

All a bit wiffy but I kind of liked it.

First step, skirting, evidently this means getting rid of all the bit you dont want.
 Poo bits, very dirty bits, small bits that the shearer has caused, VM ( vegetable matter) etc.
I probably threw away about two bin bags full and wasnt sure if I had thrown away good bits and kept some rubbish and I found it really hard to get the bits of VM out but its all a learning curve.

I ended up with 4 bin bags full to the top!

I 'borrowed' my husbands building tubs and filled them with really hot water then added washing up liquid before gently adding the fleeces. I tried some in lingerie bags and some 'free' 
After leaving them to soak, I repeated the process again before leaving them to soak in plain water.
 I did this until the water was clear(ish)

I used my washing machine spin cycle using the lingerie bags full of squeezed fleece.

Its been a lovely weekend ( thankgoodness) so my garden became a fleece drying zone.

They are looking better arent they!

I'm busy finding out what the step is now.
Watch this space....