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Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Womens Institute Easter.

I have such a busy week ahead, working more hours, dentists and hospital appointments to attend. I thought i had better start to get myself organised for a needle felting class i am doing at a local Womens Institute over the Easter holidays.
I did my first one for them before christmas and they said they loved it so much, they have asked me to come back.  For the one i did at christmas we made a felted christmas bauble, as it's getting closer to Easter and they already have a little experience, they have asked if they could make something Easter related and a bit more difficult.
After giving it much thought and doing a bit of research i made this.
I call it the bunny-egg!

So today has been spent making samples, tutorials and making wool packs up.
Making sure each lady will have the right amount of wool. Carefully weighing how many grammes are needed. Then packing them up.
I now have a box full of twenty packs and a tutorial ready for printing.
I still have more work to do but i feel better knowing i have made a good start.
I will blog the results later.
Lisa xx

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