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Monday, 17 March 2014

Another learning curve

Ive been busy felting over the last couple of days and with more orders taken....yeah! I needed to concentrate on finishing and starting some more.
While ive been sat felting i have been thinking a lot about this blog and blogging in general.

Its easy to get caught up in the blogging frenzy i have decided.

I first set up this blog not having any idea what i was doing or why i was doing it. Or knowing if there was a difference between a blog and a web site? ...still not sure.. Then left it so long  i forgot my password etc etc.
It wasnt until i started reading my sisters blog ( the curved opinion on my followed blogs) that i even started to understand what a blog was!
Months later my friend and colleague at work started her blog ( extraordinary chaos on my following blog) and the frenzy began....
In our 'breaks' we talk blogs, stats and audience views. Its still all a bit of a fuzz to me ( im just happy stabbing a needle into wool) but we compared blogs and she ( who is really into itblogging ow) has shown me a few things to get me audience rating up as well as some more tips.  Hers is now topping 2000! Views! ... mine still trying to reach a mere 300 ( most of them probably mine since i cant turn the 'dont show your ratings' button off!)
I would like to think its because im only blogging about needle felting and she ( i dont like calling her she by the way so i will call her S)  S is blogging about lots of different things so maybe thats why?but then my sister ( who i will now call V see i dont even know if you can say real names on here! What am i like!
Anyway V only really blogs about  plus size things and reviews things although she does work hard at it and has put loads of time into it. So that cant be the reason can it.
I look at other peoples blogs and as well as thinking, 'they look nice' i also think 'how have they got the time to do all this?' I like to think i am an organised person, im married, have two teenagers to whom i am mum/taxi driver, a house to run, a dog ( soon to be two of them) ( maybe i should blog that too?) a cat, a snake, i work and i felt! Do i have time to blog too?

You know, yes of course i do!

And in my next blog im going to explain how im going to do it.


  1. Lol yes you can use real names on here, you can write what you want! My only advice is just to be more careful about typing (ie I'm instead of im), capitals and spacing as it is something that people really notice. With so many blogs out there, competition for views is fierce and something like that will turn someone off reading you.

    The views will come, it just takes time and doesn't happen overnight, especially for a new blog. Just keep posting the amazing pictures, use the hashtags and set to post on Twitter xx

    1. Thank you... Maybe i should get you to proof read lol x