Custom Felts

Monday, 30 September 2013

Ok here goes

I had no idea what it was until my sister starting blogging. Only now do i feel i think i understand it enough to try. So here goes....

Needle felting.
I came across needle felting on pinterest and since then ive been hooked or should i say 'barbed'
Not a day goes by that i dont do some felting. Yes i work as i still have to pay the bills. But more recently after two really positive craft fairs/ shows, i have reduced my working hours to try and make something more of my hobby.

Yes i have a facebook page and ive even managed a web site
Most of my orders so far have been from facebook or by word of mouth but now i feel i need to get my work about a bit more.
I have been asked to do a demonstration and have have quite a lot of people ask me if i do classes, something i am keen to do. But where do i start? By putting an advert in the nearest community hall?
Or local shop? ... Its still thoughts in process.

I have so many ideas in my head that i want to do....

Any advice would be helpful.

Lisa x