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Monday, 3 March 2014

Still learning

I was having a bit of a clean up today. I 'felt' in my conservatory and the more wool i get the more my other half calls it the fluff room.
It can get quite untidy at times and every now and again i will have to have a blitz.
Today was one of them days....
While cleaning i picked up Arthur.
Arthur was the first real character i had made. I based him on my grandad and although i have been offered money for him, he isnt for sale.
I had always been proud of him until today.
Today i realised how far i had come in the needle felting world. I looked at Arthur and for the first time thought ' blimey hes not very good' 
This is a good thing it shows i think i have improved which it hard for me to say. And although i have such a long way to go compared to some felters, i no longer 'feel' like a beginer.
Heres Arthur

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