Custom Felts

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I think I have found it.

I have been needle felting for four years now. I have dabbled in all kinds of different ideas from christmas decorations, rabbits, frogs, dogs and characters. And although I have been happy with what I have made I have always had that niggle inside me that 'it could be better' or 'it wasn't just what I had in mind' not that half of my creations turn out like I expect them to, they just morph and I like it that way but something always niggled.
I always knew whatever I would end up making would be something fantasy, mythical or character based, thats what I'm drawn too but I needed to find 'it' you know that one thing that I can create, but replicate in different ways. 
Well last week I found it. Something clicked. I've done it. I feel like this is it. 
I have found my path and can see a way forward. 
Here is my first of what will be many.
Meet Erci

I just love him. Do you?