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Monday, 14 April 2014

Bye bye Alice and friends

In January when i was asked to make these Alice in wonderland characters, I had no idea how much pleasure making them would give me.
With each one needing different techniques, some of them that were new to me, some that weren't, each piece involved moving up and down my learning curve.
I got to the point with two of the characters, I very nearly contacted my client to admit defeat. I just couldn't get them 'right' in my eyes. 
Putting them down and walking away for a day or so did the trick though and after ripping off a faces a few times, I can say that i am very proud of all of them.
Today it was time to give them a final check then wrap them up ready to go to their new home in Austrialia. 
I can't thank you my client enough for giving me this opportunity to make these. I have enjoyed them so much, I really dont want to let them go. 

All checked, ready for wrapping.

Lisa x

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