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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Exciting things

I was emailed the other day from the chairman of the Lancashire W.I. Federation. If that wasn't exciting enough, she said she had heard how great my needle felt classes were and would I like to do a two day workshop for them next May!
I think I answered the email within 4 seconds with a very big YES. 
Since then we have spoken to sort out the details and now its all booked. Im so happy things are doing in the right direction for me and at a pace that isn't going to make me stressed.
On the other hand something has has been making me stressed is Neil the Sloth! 
Here is an update on him.
He now has his claws which when very well but then I decided I didnt like the colour of his fur so went over the whole body again!
I have made a start to the proportions of his face..... That will be another challenge.
I have until the end of July to complete him so plenty of time yet...
Lisa x

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