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Saturday, 12 July 2014


When I started needle felting nearly two years ago now, I treated myself to some needles from Kay Petal at Living Felt all the way from the U.S of A. 
I had been told they were the best, more expensive than others but neither the less, the best. 
They didn't disappoint and they have soon become my favourite. 
I do still use others for the beginings of my work but for the details, they cant be beat.
The one use the most is the red tipped one, its always the first one I pick up and today it broke....

It owes me nothing! It must have stabbed into wool millions of times for me. And to be fair has had a little bend on her, yes her, for a while now. 
Good job when I bought them, I bought more than one red one! 

Yeah my nice new shiny and very sharp red tip feels like she's, yes she's come out of her box and ready for action. 
I hope she lasts me as long 
Happy stabbing!

Lisa xx

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