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Saturday, 28 June 2014

You need hands.

Whenever im asked to make a character, there are two things I worry about. One is whether I can get the face right... That will be another blog. And the other is the hands.
When I first started felting I cheated and always put 'hands' in pockets or mittens on. But it comes to a point you just cant get away from it. 
My first 'real' hands were done on 'Arthur' a character I made for myself based on my grandad.

When I did them I was really pleased with them but looking back I could see they needed improving.

The hard thing about felting very small hands, is the amount of stabbing your finger ends take. 
Ouch ouch ouch

I had to make quite few pairs of hands for the Alice in Wonderland characters I made..see previous blog pages... 

These ones are for another 'Alice' but with a this space.

As you can see they are better an 'Arthurs' hands but I still have some way to go before I'm happy with hands.

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Lisa xx

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